​​CENCAL PDS 2019 

PDS Workshops Offered: 

  • ​Intelligence - Cultural Competency & Socioemotional Intelligence
  • ​Rising to the top: Bringing STEM Education to life
  • ​TRIO Basics Training 101
  • A Battlefield Promotion: Aspiring Mid-level Professional: Pathways to the Directorship
  • ​Hunting Down Your Reason Why
  • ​Reporting for Duty - Legislation and Regulation
  • Preparing for Troop Training
  • Preparing Our Troops for Battle: Effective Strategies for Engaging Alumni
  • The Brain is the most Dangerous Weapon - Imposter Syndrome: Professional and Student Development
  • Building Resilience, Avoiding Burnout TRIO Troop Professionals’ Guide to Wellness and Self-Care​
  • Leaving no Soldier Behind: Meeting your Funded-to-Serve Numbers: Recruiting & Retaining Participants
  • Attacking and Preparing your Program Budget
  • Serving All Troops! Gender & Sexuality 101
  • Positions and Placement – Internships
  • Keeping the Troops Motived: Staff Development & Relations
  • Winning the Battle: Getting a Perfect Score (APR)