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April 16th, 2021

3-4 PM via ZOOM


    The Central California WESTOP Chapter is a network of members interested in furthering access to educational opportunities for economically and educationally disadvantaged persons and persons with disabilities by enhancing members' professional development and equipping members with the right tools necessary in promoting institutional approaches at the local level and furthering policies at both the state and federal level which would advance educational equity.  
   This chapter is located in the geographical center of California’s most productive agricultural region, Central California (Monterey, Kern, Stanislaus, Tulare, San Joaquin, Madera counties, Kings, San Luis Obispo, Merced and Fresno county) is home to approximately 4 million people.  The target area is one of the fastest growing areas in California, but this growth has been accompanied by escalating poverty rates, chronic unemployment, limited urban exposure and excessively low levels of educational attainment that far surpass levels in other major metropolitan and rural areas. In fact, given its extensive size, Central California is perhaps the neediest region in the West in terms of its economic and educational opportunities. 
    Amongst the programs we serve are: EDUCATIONAL TALENT SEARCH, UPWARD BOUND, STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES, EOC, & MCNAIR PROGRAMS.  We welcome all TRiO programs to participate in our CENCAL activities. 


​2021 CenCal Scholarship - Closed

Professional Development Seminar 

San Luis Obispo 

 October 6-7

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